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Our passion? Creating delicious and authentic products so you can discover the richness of our country – products that will pique your desire to cook! It’s that simple!


Once upon a time, the Demelo family hailed from the Azores region of Portugal. Passionate about family cooking and spicy recipes, since 1997, we have been creating the ultimate sauces and spice blends to share the exquisite flavours of Portugal with you with every bite!


Private brands

Our R&D department works in tandem with your teams to develop delicious products adapted to your market!

Restaurant services

Single-serve, exclusive products, and recipe development – Let’s add a little heat to your menus!

Limited products

Stand out with limited products developed according to your needs by our Portuguese seasoning professionals!
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Our products

As divine as they are just spicy enough, our Piri-Piri sauces honour the traditional methods of our ancestors. Obrigado!

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