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BBQ Grill for Butterflied Portuguese Chicken

The Authentic Portuguese Grill ! Change up your traditional BBQ chicken with our butterflied portuguese chicken universal grill. Enjoy!



Use the universal grill to successfully make a traditional butterflied chicken or authentic and flavourful grilled meats and seafood!

  • Ensures uniform cooking and a tastier and juicier chicken
  • Includes an articulated system of stainless steel grills
  • Adapts to most types of barbecues and motorized cooking systems


  • Suitable for universal rotisserie sets: Square opening of o.31” (8.1 mm). Perfect for a rod up to 5/16” (7.93 mm) maximum.
  • Solid clasp ensuring a firm hold on meat.
  • Strong articulation allowing to apply good pressure on the piece of meat.
  • 20-inch long resistant stainless steel easy-t-clean grill.
  • 1 year warranty.


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